Israel’s F-35 jet, now combat capable, is ‘not just a plane’

Israel this month became the first nation outside the U.S. to declare the initial operational capability of the American-produced F-35 stealth fighter jet. Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ephraim Segoli, a former commander of two combat helicopter squadrons, told JNS that the F-35 “is not just a plane, but a system in its own right. It serves the entire air force, through its range of sensors and ability to communicate what it collects.”

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2 Jews, 3 za’atar recipes: reflecting on the diversity and rising popularity of Israeli cuisine

When film director Roger Sherman called Israel one of the “hottest food scenes in the world,” his colleagues laughed. It was at that moment that Sherman knew he had discovered a subject for a successful film. Sherman’s “In Search of Israeli Cuisine,” featuring renowned chef Michael Solomonov, shows a side of Israel that very few knew existed—including Israelis themselves.

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Hanukkah: a holiday for Jews without religion

The lights we kindle on Hanukkah may commemorate a miracle that secular Jews may disdain as a fairy tale, but they are also a reminder that it takes the extraordinary efforts and faith of ordinary Jews to keep the flame of Jewish civilization alive. That’s something the growing numbers of American Jews of “no religion” should embrace, writes JNS Editor in Chief Jonathan S. Tobin.

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Trump’s Jerusalem move upsets Arab masses, but many states have larger concerns

President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was overwhelmingly rejected in the Muslim world based on the denial of Jews’ legitimacy to have a state in what they see as Islamic territory. But this anger was tempered by the interests of Sunni Arab governments that are more concerned with their own survival and the threat of Iran.

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Palestinian envoy draws heat for boasting he assaulted Israeli student in row over falafel

A Palestinian ambassador’s boast that he assaulted an Israeli student in an argument over the origins of falafel is drawing strong criticism from British Jewish leaders and veteran Israeli diplomats. Manuel E. Hassassian, the Palestinian Authority’s chief envoy in London, asserted in a recent Lebanese television interview that when he was a graduate student at the University of Toledo in 1976, he got into an argument with an Israeli student who claimed “that falafel and hummus are Israeli foods.”

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By transmitting values, children’s books are the Hanukkah gifts that keep giving

Hanukkah and children’s books go together like latkes and applesauce. These days, the marketplace overflows with books that reflect both the holiday’s miracles and the nuances of growing up Jewish in the 21st century. Experts say there’s a certain quality of magic in the best of these books—making them the kinds of gifts that keep giving. “They have to celebrate being Jewish in a diverse world and transmit powerful values to the new generation,” says Joy Getnick, director of Jewish life at the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester.

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8 ways to celebrate Hanukkah’s 8 nights in the Holy Land

Is it possible to stay entertained for “eight crazy nights?” For the wintertime extravaganza of Hanukkah, Israel offers a wide selection of cultural, culinary and religious activities to pack any tourist or resident’s schedule. Ahead of Hanukkah 2017, JNS presents eight ways to mark the holiday—one for each night—in Jerusalem and throughout the Jewish state.

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Jerusalem takes center stage at Reform confab as movement opposes US policy shift

President Donald Trump’s announcement of policy changes on Jerusalem was the subject of much of the conversation at the Dec. 6-10 conference of American Jewry’s largest religious denomination. Ahead of the Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) biennial convention, URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs had called Trump’s announcement “ill-timed,” breaking with the relatively broad Jewish communal support for U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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UNESCO indulges anti-Semitism

In October, the State Department notified UNESCO that America would withdraw from the U.N. cultural body. The U.S. cited the need for fundamental reform, mounting arrears and “anti-Israel bias” at the organization. But the problem is much deeper: UNESCO does not consider Jewish culture and heritage worthy of protection, writes columnist Sean Durns.

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Israeli deterrence holds against Iran in Syria—for now

A surge in alleged Israeli strikes on targets in Syria appears to suggest a new Israeli urgency to block Iran’s spread into the war-torn country. So far, neither Iran nor its terror proxies have retaliated. Yet the lack of retaliation is not something that can be counted on forever, warned Yaakov Amidror, former national security advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “It is clear that in the cost-benefit calculation…they ran through their considerations and concluded that launching a war [against Israel] is not something they should do. There is no telling when their considerations will change,” Amidror told JNS.

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For many NGOs, besmirching Israel’s name is the goal, not improving the universal human rights for Palestinians and Israelis. The disconnect between real human rights work and hollow social media advocacy campaigns is stark. There is little evidence that internet-based slacktivism generates lasting change, writes columnist Rena Young.

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‘P is for Palestine’ author got one thing right

The “P is for Palestine” children’s book that is causing so much controversy presents anti-Israel propaganda and deeply disturbing justifications for “intifada” violence. But it also contains one very important truth—the author helps remind readers of the true nature of Palestinian nationalism, writes JNS columnist Stephen M. Flatow.

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Europe violently protests Jerusalem changes as Netanyahu visits the continent

Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic demonstrations pervaded Europe last weekend as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the continent days after the Trump administration’s Dec. 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The civilian protests as well as widespread opposition to the White House’s Jerusalem policy changes within the European political establishment may serve to deepen the chasm between Israel and Europe. 

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Trump made ‘yuge’ changes on Jerusalem. What do the city’s residents think about it?

Jerusalemite opinions about President Donald Trump’s landmark policy changes on their city run the gamut, reflecting the diversity of the Israeli capital itself. In an effort to take the pulse of the holy city’s mood following U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as well as Trump’s announcement of plans to move the American embassy there, JNS spoke with various Jerusalemites from east to west and from natives to immigrants. 

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In decades-long AMIA Jewish center affair, the truth will come out

Like so many pins in a bowling alley, the treacherous former Argentine leaders who signed a secret pact exonerating Iran of its responsibility for the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires are, finally, collapsing under the rolling weight of judicial scrutiny. During the same week that saw President Donald Trump recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the events that took place in Argentina are vitally relevant to the future of the Middle East, where Iran—with or without a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem—remains the greatest threat to Israel and to the region, writes JNS columnist Ben Cohen.

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